Where routine service is no longer possible, or you must cut into your pipeline for modifications, we supply and install the industry’s best conversions to replace obsolete, non-conforming and unreliable outlets. Facilities can easily modernize and standardize to exceed current standards. We offer the widest availability of conversions to fit virtually every OEM back body in existence, as well as the expertise, flexibility and craftsmanship to seamlessly trim it for excellent aesthetics.

Most popular are Tri-Tech terminal unit conversions distributed in Canada by Class 1 Inc. These popular terminal units uniquely feature a zero-maintenance secondary check valve, and are easily serviced from the front without removal of trim or disassembly of the valve. They never require the disruptive periodic service and rebuild costs others do to maintain gas tightness behind the cover.

Where the ‘latch valve’ style is suitable or preferred, PMG additionally offer a variety of Amico terminal unit conversion products.