Pump, compressor and dryer equipment maintenance is supported through industry partners, with dedicated experience in maintaining source equipment. PMG provides full service on all manifolds and most control equipment and we will typically include verification of source equipment for purposes of testing supply system alarms.

Manifold Overhauls / Repairs

Replacements of failed circuit boards, transducers, check valves and virtually anything broken or damaged not requiring brazing. Correcting leaks, rebuilding shuttle valves and repair/exchange program regulators for many brands plus setting factory specifications is what we do!

Pressure Relief Valves

As per clause mandatory 5 year pressure relief valve (PRV) replacements are available in accordance with CSA B51-09 Boiler, pressure vessel, and pressure piping code.

Pigtails and Regulators

Pigtail inspections and replacements, header extensions and supports, regulator service & rebuilds (loaners or repair/exchange program for most types.)

Gas Control Panels (N2, CO2, IA)

Control Panel Conversion kits are designed to update or retro-fit existing panels by several major brands. The conversion kit replaces all of the major components (valve, regulator, gauges, outlet, stainless steel cover plate and all connecting tubing & fittings), utilizing the existing back box and riser tubes. These panels all utilize internally self- relieving regulators, desirable to allow outlet pressure changes without the need to operate secondary equipment as a bleed device. Retrofits of control panels eliminate obsolete and troublesome components.

Specialty Equipment

Rail assemblies, gas blocks and other weight reduction devices supplied and installed to prolong the life of your terminal units and allow one terminal unit to feed additional DISS male bodies without the need for added piping. Rails will also support various brackets for other medical equipment.