PMG provides technical services to fulfill health care facility CSA compliance requirements, in particular, the Annual Maintenance and Ongoing Verification of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems. We specialize in the distribution (pipeline) side of the system. Ask around and you will learn what sets us apart! Comprehensive annual (and more frequent) inspections as per CSA Z7396.1-17 include most services itemized below.


Fully compliant and easy to read and make use of, our praised and detailed service reports pioneered a new method of data collection in the industry. However, only PMG clients can sort and filter their facility report data for terminal units, zone valves and zone alarms in a multitude of ways easily within a relational Excel document. Bound together with a table of contents, a detailed summary of deficiencies, an industry unique fully updated survey of the entire facility in snapshot form and a quality certificate of inspection, this report package exceeds CSA requirements and allows you to meet the brand new compliance audit requirements in the 2017 Standard.

Terminal Units (or “Outlets”)

Full service and testing to ensure compliance with CSA clause 15.2.3 annual requirements and to maintain OEM specs. We don’t just test… we repair! Our comprehensive service includes a full evaluation, replacing worn rubber goods, correcting leaks, clearing med vac obstructions and verification of all pressure drops. PMG technicians accurately complete and record very specific test requirements with digital test equipment to ensure safety and reliability.

Alarm Systems

Supply system and zone alarms are fully tested and calibrations altered as required to meet clause annual requirements. More frequent tests are optional. All testing is fully documented and mated to data for terminal units and zone valves. As well, technicians can often detect early signs of impending failure on critical panels.

Source Equipment

Manifolds inspected for safety, leakage, transfers, settings, controls, alarms and functionality. Pigtails and regulators are verified to meet manufacturers’ specifications. Pump, compressor and dryer verifications include load testing to confirm functionality and proper sequence of operations as well as supply system alarm signal annual testing.

Leak Testing

Oxygen compatible leak detector solution testing of zone valves, terminal units, alarm sensors and control equipment ensures compliance with Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, protecting workers against exposure and reducing the risk of fire safety and economic losses. Furthermore, mandatory 5 year zone valve standing pressure tests validate internal integrity for fire safety and backfeeding concerns. These tests also warn of potential leakage of oxidizing gases into a room and/or an enclosed space reducing safety concerns. All tests are fully documented indicating the year of test and a retest due date for every zone valve.

Additional Services

Medical Air Purity Sampling

PMG can draw samples and provide compliant lab analysis reports to verify dewpoint and contamination as required every six months for each compressor based system.

Training and Education

Troubleshooting and repairs with facility staff welcomed to be present are encouraged for educational development. Additional customized training sessions may cover site specific sequence of operations and supply system knowledge, essential for today’s responsible shift engineer.