If you require urgent assistance, please dial 416 631-4427.

Professionally-completed annual preventive maintenance is intended to minimize the need for urgent service requirements by correcting potential problems before they occur. 24/7 technical support access and/or physical response is provided to our contract clients. PMG is based in downtown Toronto, serving most of Ontario.

Terminal Unit Leakage/Impact Damage

Oxidizing gases pose a fire risk when they complete the triangle. Whether a slow leak(s) into walls or a pipeline breach from damage, we can help provide the support and expertise needed to stabilize and resolve your issues before they become incidents.

Terminal Unit Obstruction/Flow Testing

Occluded med vac poses a high risk to life, as patient airway obstructions and other vital drainage requirements may be delayed. Particulate/contamination or simply wear and tear causes poor flow rates in pressure gases making them unable to support equipment.

Manifold Compromised Functionality

Failure is rarely an option when this is your primary supply. We have the knowledge and training to effectively troubleshoot and get your manifold operating in no time, even if in a partial service mode.

Troubleshoot Supply System and Zone Alarm signals

Identification of potential problem and identify risk/false alarms, methods to dismiss non-critical unresponsive signals, repairs with well stocked OEM inventory.